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How to Start a Blog Using Bluehost: A Step by Step Guide

I am here to bring you good news if you have not yet heard it already. You can make a living working on the internet. Yeah, I do it. And if it were not for this blog, I don’t think this would be possible. I talk a lot about freelance writing here. What I may not have mentioned before is that I use my blog to get clients.

I hate bragging. Yes, I just realized that all this is not all about me. So, how about we talk about you for a bit? That would be cool.

So, why would you need a blog?

Benefits of Creating a Blog

1.    Become a Writer

Alright. This was pretty obvious. I was gonna start with this no matter what. I am a writer that’s why. Becoming a good writer, a better writer, you need to write pages and pages. On a daily basis. This is what your blog will force you to do.

Another thing: You need a portfolio to show your potential clients. You can use what you write on your blog as the portfolio. I do this all the time.

2.    Start a Business

Great. Freedom. Don’t we want it all? Freedom lies in starting a business. There are numerous cases where a blog started out as a hobby and ended up becoming a full-time business.

Do you know Pat Flynn? Pat is a really successful online entrepreneur. All he had to do was start a blog. This guy started a blog called the Green Exam Academy, to share what he was learning while studying for his architecture exam. He had just lost his job and he wanted to take this exam in order to see whether everything would get better for him.

He realized that his blog was getting a lot of viewers and decided to take this business seriously. One year later, he was getting over $100,000 on a yearly basis. This happens. Your blog could be the next big story. Pat Flynn did not know he could employ himself on the internet.

3.    Build a Network

Do you know Robert Kiyosaki? Let me make this a little bit easier for you. Do you know Rich Dad Poor Dad? Robert wrote that book. Here is what he said at one point after doing a lot of research:

The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work. ~ Robert T Kiyosaki

A blog gives you the chance to meet new people. Valuable information has the ability to attract a lot of readers. These people usually end up forming relationships with you. If you never started that blog, these are the people you would have never met. Allow me to refer to the relationship I have with my freelance writing clients. If I never had this blog. I would have never met these people.

4.    Collect Emails

Yes, I am not disputing that today social media networks are everywhere. However, email remains to be the most reliable method of communicating. People are used to checking their emails multiple times a day. It is not easy to get someone to give you his or her personal email address. However, when you start a blog and offer value to your readers, getting their email addresses becomes easier.

5.    Sell Your Product

Your blog can be a great virtual store. You can sell everything. This may be a software, a WordPress theme, or even an ebook. You can use the emails you have collected so far through your blog to make more sales.

Start a WordPress Blog: Where to Get the Best WordPress Hosting   

When I first started my blog, I used the first web hosting company that I came across. What I did not know is that there are several factors that need to be considered before you decide to invest your money in a hosting company.

One of those things is Uptime. This is the time when the servers which hold your website will be up and running. The first company I used had a lot of issues. My website would be down for more than an hour. A whole freaking hour!

Another thing that you need to consider is the customer support department. I would email my web hosting company and ask them why my website had been down for so long and they would take more than a day to reply. I sometimes had to email them twice before they replied.

After shifting to Bluehost, I have not had any problems with the Uptime or the customer support. So, what will you be getting?

Bluehost Hosting Packages

There are three web hosting packages available at Bluehost. Each of these is great for someone who wishes to start a blog. The packages are as follows:

Bluehost Web-hosting Packages

The first package is known as the basic plan. This is the cheapest. You will need to pay only $3.95 every month. This gives you 50 GB storage. The second package is the Plus Plan. You will have to pay only $5.95 per month. This gives you unlimited website space and $24 per year in extras. The final plan is the Prime Plan. This has the same price as the Plus Plan but it has over $80 per year extras. The difference between plus and prime will become apparent when you are renewing. The Prime is more expensive than the Plus.

When you are just starting out with blogging, the first plan that costs $3.95 per month will suit you perfectly. However, Bluehost has an offer that allows you to save 65%. You will only need to pay $2.65 per month:


Hold on, the offer does not end here. You will get Free domain privacy and a free domain name. This is the best deal that you are going to get. Why not go ahead and grab it right now?

How to Start a Blog in WordPress Step by Step

Got your offer above? Good. Let’s go ahead and build your blog:

Step #1: Choose Your Domain Name

As soon as you get your offer above, the first thing that you see is the following:

Start a blog: Choosing Your Domain Name

Bluehost will ask you to choose your domain name. This is the name that people will be typing on their browser to find your blog. If you already have one, you need to type your domain name in the textbox under the I have a domain name title. If you don’t have a domain name, you need to choose a domain name that is easy to remember (for anyone, not just you) and type it in the new domain section. If you cannot figure out which domain name to use, you can click on the choose later link at the bottom.

Step #2: Enter Your Account Information

After choosing the domain name, you will need to click next. Then, this comes up:

Bluehost Website Information

This is where you enter your account information. The details that you need to enter are your first name, last name, business name (this is optional), your country, street address, city, state, ZIP code, Phone Number, and Email Address. Make sure that the email address is correct. This is the email address that will be used to send your receipt.

Step #3: Making the Payment

After you have entered your account information, you will find your package information below. The package information will include everything and the price that you have to pay for it. The best account plan is for 36 months. Each month you will be paying $3.95.

Bluehost Package Information

If you choose a plan that has fewer months, you will be forced to pay more per month. The more items you have selected, the more money you will have to pay. If you want to pay as little as possible, you will need to deselect the optional items.

There is one key to reducing your startup payment from $3.95 per month to only $2.65 per month. The key is: AVOID PAYING IMMEDIATELY. If you wait for at least 1 minute before proceeding with the payment, the following pop-up appears:

Start a Blog: Bluehost 65% Discount

By clicking on the Claim Savings button, you will reduce your payment by 65%. After claiming the offer, you can now proceed to pay. There are two payment methods:

Bluehost Payment Methods

You can use your credit card or PayPal. You will need to read the terms of service and agree with them. The following is a little snippet of the terms of service that you will find on the Bluehost payment page:

Bluehost Start pricing

After agreeing to the terms of service, you will need to click on the Submit button:

Bluehost Accept Terms of Service and Submit

After paying, now you can build your WordPress blog.

Start a WordPress Blog: WordPress Installation Guide

You can either opt to use automatic WordPress installation or manual installation. There is no difference. Whether you use manual installation or automatic installation, you will be able to start a blog that works. When using automatic WordPress installation, the following is what you will see:

How to Start a Blog: Automatic WordPress Installation

After your WordPress has finished installing automatically, you will see the following page:

Bluehost 2018 Dashboard Look

To login to your WordPress blog, you will only need to click on the Log in to WordPress, you will then get redirected to your blog.

How to Manually Start a Blog: How to Install WordPress Manually

Step #1: Click on the Marketplace and then click on the marketplace home.

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation on Bluehost

Step #2: Select Install WordPress

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation

There are numerous things in the Bluehost Marketplace. 95% of these will not be useful for you. Therefore, you will need to ignore them. You will need to scroll down to the website section. Click on the website icon. You will get redirected to the QuickInstall screen for Bluehost Marketplace for WordPress.

Step #3: Choose the Domain for Installation

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (selecting the installation domain)

The above screen is what appears after you click on the Install WordPress icon. You will be asked to choose the domain address where you would like to install your website. For our case, the domain that we will be installing our WordPress is

 Step #4: Enter the WordPress Website Details

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (Entering the Site Details)

In this step, you will need to enter your site name, Your site title, Admin username, and admin password. After entering all your details, you will need to click on Install.

Step #5: Installation

The QuickInstall will begin installing your WordPress. Once the installation is complete, you will see the following page:

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (Finished Installation)

You can click on the View Credentials here to see your password and username:

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (Viewing Your Credentials)

First of all, I wanna congratulate you for completing the Manual WordPress installation. I guess it was not too hard. Your WordPress login link will be as follows:

Now, use this link to login to your dashboard. Now, you are ready to customize how your website looks and start blogging.

Blogging for Beginners: Selecting WordPress Theme

Your blog appearance is dependent on the theme that you choose. The first time you visit your blog, it will look something like this:

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (New Blog Look)

I don’t know you but I think you will agree with me when I tell you that the above look is not appealing. Among the things that feel good when you are creating a WordPress blog, there is the blog customization. Don’t worry, you don’t need any coding or programming skills. WordPress already has thousands of themes which have already been premade for you to use.

To change a theme, you will need to click on appearance and then themes:

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (Changing Themes)

Click the Add New button.

The next screen that appears will allow you to choose your theme from the more than 4100 themes available in WordPress.

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (Themes)

You will have the ability to sort these using either featured, popular, latest, and favorites. When you have found a theme that looks appealing to you, you will need to hover your mouse over it. An install and a preview button will appear.

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (Theme Install)

You can use the preview button to see how your blog will look like if you install the theme. To install the theme, you will only need to click the install button. As soon as the theme is installed, you will have the ability to customize it by clicking on the customize link. This will appear under the appearance menu.

How to Start Blogging: Writing Your First Blog Post

We are already through with the hard part regarding how to start a blog. Now, this is the simple and final part.

To write your first article, you will need to click on the Posts >> Add New. Both these are available in your WordPress dashboard.

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (First Blog Article)

You will get a writing page. You will need to enter the post title and then write your article below it. Once you finish writing the article, you can go ahead and publish the article:

Start a Blog: WordPress Installation (Publishing the article)

You will find various other sections in your blog publishing section. These include tags and categories. These will simply help you with organizing your articles. Here is an article that will help you understand the difference between categories and tags.

Closing Word

You need to start a blog. However, I am not telling you that success will be achieved overnight. There is nothing like overnight success. However, when you put in effort, you will start ripping off the benefits.

Still haven’t grabbed your hosting? Grab your hosting below:

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I love questions too. Do you need any help? Fee free to contact me.