How to Never Get Published


I have been on the internet forums recently. You know the kind I am talking about. There is Reddit and then there is Quora. And if there is something I have seen being repeated over and over again by those guys who talk about writing is this stuff about getting published. I know, it sucks when you have spent thousands of hours on a book but then when you finally finish it and send the manuscript to the publisher, you get a mail in your inbox after about one to two weeks that has the message… Oh, I know that […]

Can I Become A Writer?


There is no one in this world that can actually stop you from being what you really want to be. Hold on, on second thought, there is only one person with the power. And that person in case you are wondering is you. But there are some things that we force ourselves to do which are not ours to do. Doing those things that you are not meant to do, is a ticket to living a miserable life. You might be wondering, with all that talk of rich writers and you too want to be rich, can writing cut it […]

Start Writing Like a Pro


I get it. In high school, you received all those accolades from all your teachers once you finished working on each and every piece of writing. Be it a poem, an essay and if we go back, like really back, a composition. Now you have finished school and joined the real world and you are very determined to start earning from your art and craft. You open your browser and using a search engine you do some research on how to make some cash writing. People are making millions. The web tells you so. The blogs you peruse tell you […]