About Me

I was in high school at some point. What they always told me is that going to college would be cooler. I did not say that it was a lie. What they never told me is that I needed to have money for the college experience to be cool. Now, I am not the kind of guy who thrives on calling his mom and dad every weekend begging for money.

Freelance Writer

I remembered that I have always been in love with writing. Accidentally, I came across an article about how to make money online writing. I decided to give this a try. Little did I know I would make thousands of dollars doing something that I already love.

Hold on. Did I tell you my name?

I guess not.

My name is Mathenge Maina. It’s 2018 right now when I am writing this. And you know what? I can confidently call myself a full-time freelance writer.

My career began on iwriter. But then, I realized that freelance writing works better when you are working with a client directly. So, I switched to Upwork. I have already written hundreds of articles for different clients.

Writing is not something that you are born knowing. You develop it through working hard and never giving up. What I do on this blog is help people better their writing skills and even proceed to make money from this craft with little investment.

I am no writing Guru. But, I know a thing or two about freelance writing and how to make cash when writing. The little knowledge that I already have is what I am trying to share with my readers here. I also share what I learn on the way.

I don’t know about you but I can confirm that I love freedom. If there is something that freelance writing has done for me, it is that it has allowed me to be free. Nobody asks me where I am or what I am doing at a particular time as long as I deliver articles in time. This is cool especially when you have to attend class during weekdays.

What I have come to realize is that the internet is my best friend. If you read my blog regularly, you will come to learn that the internet can be your best friend too.

Occasionally, I will be recommending some products. If you click the recommendation links, I will get a commission. Don’t worry, my aim is to remain 100% honest. Therefore, I will never recommend anything useless. Oh, by the way, the commission that I get will never affect the amount you pay, you will pay the same amount even if you don’t use my affiliate link.

I am Kenyan. But, this does not mean that my ideas are only good for Kenyan citizens. Whether in the United States (It’s on my bucket list, before I die, I have to walk on the American soil), the UK, Canada, Mauritius, Dubai, India (if you can read English, if you can’t, there is google translate on my sidebar), Afghanistan, etc. What I mean, I write for the world. Not Kenya.

Twitter is cool. I like to hang out there. Follow me. I would like to talk with you. I am on Google+ too. Follow me there.